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Flex-Based log reader

As was announced last week, my entry into Ray Camden’s Advanced ColdFusion coding contest was the winning entry. I admit, I wish I could say that I beat someone, but, hey, I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means).

Anyway, as Ray mentioned, I have decided to support the log reader (I need a name for it) as a project. I have set up a Subversion repository at svn:// The recent changes will affect anyone who downloaded the .zip file from Ray’s site (see below for a list of changes). Please keep in mind that, for the most part, the code in the repository will only be committed when a certain level of functionality has been reached, it is possible that the code may break.

At this time, I am still going to consider this an ‘Alpha’ release (but will probably give it a version number soon)

Changes made since Friday (so if you downloaded the code from Ray’s site, these will affect you).

  • The issue with the datasource variable not being used in the install sript script has been corrected.
  • The code base is now installed to the web root, instead of {web root}/CFIDE/Administrator.
    • This was done to accommodate anyone who may not have access to /CFIDE (yea, I know, but then they probably don’t have access to the log files, but, you never know).
    • The install documents have been updated with the new information, and how to modify the /CFIDE/Administrator/extensionscustom.cfm file if you are using the log reader from within the ColdFusion Administrator.
    • I should have thought of this sooner, sorry for any inconvenience.
  • When you choose a log file, the data in the log file is now cached until:
    • You choose a different log file.
    • You click ‘refresh’ on the log viewer screen.
    • This speeds up filtering tremendously..
  • Clicking on the ‘Refresh’ button on the log viewer screen now updates the list of log files as well as updates the data for the currently chosen log file.
On my ‘To Do’ list are:
  • ‘Print’ functionality for ‘Message Detail’ as well as charts.
  • Improving the install scripts to use forms, rather than modifying the code.
  • Providing functionality to exclude log files from being viewed.
  • Providing functionality to exclude certain criteria (like application name) from being viewed.
If there is anything else you might want included, please let me know.

Also, these changed have not yet made it to the demo site.

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Brian Rinaldi said...
I would like to add this to my open-source list. Any chance you have a project page or what link should I supply?
Scott Stroz said...
Brian -


I will set something up and get you the URL.
Jay Greer said...
Look a gift horse in the mouth...
Scott Stroz said...
Thanx for the link Jay.
Tariq Ahmed said...
Sweet! Let me know when you have something avail - I'll link to it from
Jeff said...
if you aren't supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth...i sure hope you dont have to look at it at the other end... :)