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Speaking at cf.Objective()

I am a little late on announcing this, but I, once again, have the honor of once again speaking at cf.Objective().

I am giving 2 presentations: one on how to set up your Business Model and one on how to create mobile apps using PhoneGap.

Dave Ferguson and I will also be doing a live broadcast of CFhour on Thursday night. Check out the rest of the schedule here.

My CFHour Interview

I am a little late in posting this, but a while back, I was interviewed by CFHour about my upcoming cf.Objective() sessions.

If you would like to hear me ramble on about what I will be presenting, as well as some other stuff, you can check it out here.

And, while I am on the subject....have you registered for cf.Objective(), yet? You haven't? What the hell are you waiting for? is an order!

I Will CFUnited

This year at CFunited, Liz is planning an 'Open Mic' night where conference attendees will be able to share some of their talents.  If you have some kind of talent, sign up to preform. Currently there are people signed up to play music, perform magic and read poetry.

Based on the fact that I spent a short period of time performing stand-up comedy, Liz, from Stellr, has asked me to be the emcee for the Open Mic. What does this mean?  Well, I will be the one introducing all the acts, and interspersing some of my old stand-up routine (and hopefully some new stuff) in between performers.

A friend told me, "if you do good, the audience will love it, and well, if you bomb, the audience will love it, but in a different kind of way. So for the audience, its a win/win". I find it hard to argue with that logic, but really hope I don't bomb. 

Oh, and hurry up and register, the early bird ends real soon. The chance to see me make a complete fool of myself might just be too good of an opportunity to pass on. You know you want to see if I will, so you better be there.

Pre-Conference Golf

cf.Objective() is rapidly approaching and its time to take care of something very important....finalizing the plans for the pre-conference round of golf.  Myself and several other CF-ers are planning to play golf on Wednesday afternoon (5/13) before the conference kicks off.

If you are interested in joining us, please leave a comment here.  We plan on choosing a course and time and booking a tee time very soon.

Turnberry Confirmed & Watch Me Embarass Myself at Carnoustie

As I mentoined here, when going over to Scotland for Scotch on the Rocks and then a little vacation, we where hoping to get a tee time at Turnberry.  We got confirmation the other day that we did indeed secure a tee time.

This means we are playing 2 courses in the Open Championship (British Open) rotation, and according to Golf Magazine, we are playing 3 of the top 100 courses in the world.  We are planning to try and get on the Old Course as well, so those numbers may change.

Also, I found out a while back that Carnoustie has a web cam on the first tee so that anyone interested can watch me emabarass myself.  You can check out the web cam here. Our tee time is at 3:20 PM GMT, which makes it 10:20 AM EDT on June 8th.

T-minus 4 days and counting....

Edited to enter the date we are playing Carnoustie.

Speaking at Scotch on the Rocks

As both Andy Allan and Doug Hughes have mentioned, I have been invited to speak at Scotch on the Rocks 2008.  I consider it an honor to speak at any conference or user group, but I am really looking forward to Scotch.  I have heard nothing but good things about it and am excited to be be a part of that.

As most anyone who knows me can tell you, I am a golf fanatic.   It has long been a dream of mine to play golf in Scotland with my father and brother.  We are taking this opportunity to make that dream come true.  My father and brother will be flying over to meet me after Scotch to play golf.  I tried to get a tee time at St, Andrews, the birthplace of golf, but was unable to (if you know anyone who might be able to pull some strings, I'd be forever in your debt).  However, there are plenty of other fantastic course there so I know we won't be disappointed. If you happen to know of any courses that are worth playing, but might not make it onto the typical tourist's radar, please let me know.