Twitter feed not available

More FlexBloggers Updates

As I mentioned here, there have been some issues with the RSS Feed for over the past few days.

I thought I had them all worked out, but there were some lingering issues with posting new entries to the FlexBloggers Twitter bot. I am fairly certain that I got them all worked out. So everything should be working as expected.

PS: For those who did not figure it out, pretty much the sole purpose of this post is to test to make sure that the Twitter Bot is working.

PPS: UPDATE: For those who did not figure it out, its still not working. :(

AllYourFlexAreBelongToUs Name Change

This has been a long time coming, but I have finally decided to change the name, and URL, of the Flex Blog Aggregator that I operate. The new site name will be '' and the new URL is

You may be asking, 'Why now?' Well, I have been doing a lot of maintenance on the site recently (you did notice, didn't you?) and it has become a real pain for me to have to keep typing that stupid, long ass, name (especially with my pitiful typing skills). For now, the old URL will continue to work just as it used to, but in the future I may drop that entirely. To help prepare for when/if that happens, please do the following:

  • If you are subscribed to the old RSS feed, please subscribe to the new feed which is at FeedBurner.
  • If you are following the Twitter account I set up recently, you should stop following that account and follow the new one, located here.

If you happen to notice anything wonky with the new name/URL, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What's in a name?

Last night I installed the most recent Eye Candy Plugins for Fireworks 8.

The installer looks for programs on your computer that can be used with Eye Candy, and asks you to pick which one to install to.

Among my choices...Fireworks MX 2005...and Fireworks 8 no where to be found.

Dev Net has Studio 8

I just logged in to my Dev Net Subscription an dnoticed the the Studio 8 components were available for download.

If you have a Dev Net subscription, check it out.

New Golf Travel Map

So I got sick and tired of looking at the image from World66 already.  I redid the US map in Flash.  All I do is pass in a comma delimited list of postal codes for the states I have palyed in and they show up red.

If you are interested in using this for other things, let me know.

How far can you make him walk?

Check out this mindless Flash game.