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Turnberry Confirmed & Watch Me Embarass Myself at Carnoustie

As I mentoined here, when going over to Scotland for Scotch on the Rocks and then a little vacation, we where hoping to get a tee time at Turnberry.  We got confirmation the other day that we did indeed secure a tee time.

This means we are playing 2 courses in the Open Championship (British Open) rotation, and according to Golf Magazine, we are playing 3 of the top 100 courses in the world.  We are planning to try and get on the Old Course as well, so those numbers may change.

Also, I found out a while back that Carnoustie has a web cam on the first tee so that anyone interested can watch me emabarass myself.  You can check out the web cam here. Our tee time is at 3:20 PM GMT, which makes it 10:20 AM EDT on June 8th.

T-minus 4 days and counting....

Edited to enter the date we are playing Carnoustie.


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charlie griefer said...
nice! if i get up to watch this at 7:20 am left coast time, i'll expect nothing less than mooning :)
Scott P said...
Have fun and enjoy yourselves. That is a once in lifetime trip.